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New Auto Ceramic Tint For Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Ceramic Auto Films:
Take your ride to a new level of comfort and safety

Ceramic Auto Tint: 3%, 18%, 33%, 40%

Solar Control Films Inc
877.989.FILM (3456)

Introducing ceramic auto films: Cutting-edge technology for advanced performance and protection

Window film is an affordable solution that enhances the appearance, comfort and safety of your vehicle. Now you can take these benefits to the next level with the new Ceramic line of auto films from Solar Control Films Inc.

Ceramic window films are coated with microscopic particles that reflect up to 85 percent of the infra red heat, 68 percent of total solar heat and over 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These color-stable films are engineered for maximum durability and resist wear and tear. And because they're metal free, ceramic films won’t interfere with your in-car radio, cell phone or GPS reception.

Films for any lifestyle

Whether you’re looking for tinted privacy film or want to keep your ride light and bright, the Ceramic line from Solar Control Films can meet your needs. Our experienced dealers can help you choose the perfect film for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Solar Control Films offers Ceramic auto films in four visible light transmissions (VLTs):

            Visible Light Transmission                  Total Solar

Film                               VLT                             Energy Rejected         UV Rejected

Ceramic 3                      3%                               68%                             >99%

Ceramic 18                    18%                             60%                             >99%

Ceramic 33                    33%                             56%                             >99%

Ceramic 40                    40%                             50%                             >99%

NOTE: Some state and local governments require a minimum VLT for automotive films. For information on regulations in your area, ask your Solar Control Films dealer.

Discover the benefits

Our Ceramic series offers some of the best performance and most advanced protection available, including:


Window tint adds a touch of class to every vehicle. Our dye-free ceramic films age beautifully, resist fading and never turn purple.


Ceramic window films block up to 85 percent of infrared heat (TSER 68%), creating a more comfortable and cool ride along with easing the strain on your vehicle's air-conditioning system.

Better visibility, less glare

Ceramic window films reduce inside and outside reflectivity for better night visibility. Plus they cut glare by up to 97 percent, making daytime driving easier on the eyes.

Reduced sun exposure

Ceramic window films block over 99 percent of damaging UV rays. This helps protect interiors from fading and skin from sun damage, premature aging and even cancer.

* While window film provides excellent sun protection, no window film can block 100 percent of UV radiation. 


Tinted films like our new Ceramic 3 help protect you and passengers from prying eyes. Windows appear dark to outsiders without compromising safety or visibility within.

Warranty Coverage

You’ll rest assured knowing that ceramic films from Solar Control Films Inc. are backed by one of the most comprehensive life-time warranties in the industry.

Twenty-first-century technology meets unsurpassed quality

Ceramic Series films by Solar Control Films are manufactured by a team of leading engineers and craftsman. Each roll of film we sell has undergone rigorous inspection to ensure its quality and dependability.

Automotive window films are just the beginning

Solar Control Films also offers high-performance architectural films for your home and business. Choose from a full range of solar control, security and specialty films designed to enhance comfort, block damaging UV radiation and cut energy costs. Like our auto line, our architectural films are backed by our industry-leading warranty. For more information, contact your Solar Control Films dealer.

Professional dealers give you an edge

Solar Control Films products are sold and installed by factory-trained professionals who have met high standards for experience and skill. Your dealer can help you select the right film for your needs and provide a quality, hassle-free installation. Professional dealers and professional-grade products: It’s a winning combination that adds value to your vehicle — and your life.

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